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What We Do

  • Cash Flow Analysis *
  • Mortgage Planning**
  • Risk Management
  • Disability Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Long Term Care Needs Analysis
  • Employee Benefits
  • Education Planning*
  • Investment Planning*
  • Pre-Retirement Planning*
  • Retirement Income Planning/Cash Flow Projections*
  • Social Security Income Maximization*
  • Estate Planning***
  • Planned Giving
  • Business Planning

Do you know where you are on your financial journey? Would you like to see what your financial future looks like today? Niles would love the opportunity to talk with you and share how he can help provide solutions to financial issues facing our clients. During these uncertain financial times many individuals are unable to answer "yes" to any of the following important questions. 

➢ Are you completely satisfied with the financial advice you have received over the last several years? 

➢ Given the impact of the market volatility do you know for certain the amount of money you will need to retire and stay retired? 

 ➢ For those who are retired, are you confident that you won’t out live your money? 

For many, the answers are “no”, “not really” or “I am not sure.” Even more surprising are the number of people that have simply not sat down with a professional financial advisor to chart the course for their financial journey. As an Investment Advisory Representative of United Planners Niles works with his clients to provide a map that encompasses all the components that represent their financial journey. For those that have worked with someone in the past or currently, he would like to provide you with a second opinion without cost or obligation. 

Is it worth spending 25 minutes with him to learn how he may be able to improve your financial future? If you agree with the many others that have said yes, we look forward to sharing how he can help you!

*Securities and Advisory Services Offered through United Planners

**Having the right mortgage can have a significant impact on a family’s financial picture. We work with mortgage experts to help our clients sort through the multitude of options in an effort to make an educated decision.

*** Estate planning is often the most overlooked aspect of a family’s financial plan and the results can be devastating.  We use a holistic planning approach with our clients that includes working with attorneys to prepare, review and/or update estate planning documents which may include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and healthcare powers of attorney.