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Our Mission

Voyages Partners Financial Strategies, LLC believes in the importance of taking a holistic approach to planning your financial journey. Our mission is to genuinely engage with our clients to develop an understanding of their current situation, their goals and helps them create a roadmap to navigate their financial journey.

They accomplish this by helping you visualize what your future actually looks like, determining what your priorities are, developing a road map, managing the map and being prepared to make changes as your life changes.

Everyone’s financial journey is unique, and the components that make up your financial journey revolve around your priorities.

We embrace three roles that we feel are vital in helping you find peace when it comes to your current finances and your future.



    • The plan will continue in chaos if it is formed in chaos. We will help bring the necessary structure to your financial house and affairs. This structure will help us understand where you stand today both in a big picture planning sense, as well as how it relates to your day to day lives.

    • There is no shortage of information swirling around today. Much of it is released to grab your attention, not to provide sound and objective advice. We help to keep the bad ideas and riff raff out of your financial life and portfolio.


    • We are strong believers in continuous education. Needless to say, education and the process to help you become educated is where it most matters, it is the underpinning of our process and your experience.

    • You don’t have the “good” Niles on your left shoulder and the “bad” Niles on your right shoulder saying you need to spend or save on a day to day basis. Instead, we provide the objective, fact driven advice that removes your emotions from the equation and decision making process.

How We Work

    • Your plan is only as successful as the dedication and time spent on seeing it through. We will help to hold you accountable to the goals and actions that you have shared and we have deemed most important to your future. We expect, whole heartedly, that you hold us accountable to the level of service and commitment we have promised.

    • You may have decided to let us help steer and guide your financial ship, but it is not without a true partnership that we remain on course and weather the unexpected. As your partner and fiduciary, we will put your needs, unquestionably, ahead of ours. This will be illustrated through transparency and discussion of any potential, present and future, conflicts of interest.