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Voyage Partners Financial Strategies strives to provide all clients with customized financial plans based on their current situations and financial goals. Are you on course to get to where you want to go? We can show you the way. We service clients in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and the surrounding Tri-cities area. 

Proper Planning Provides Peace

Are you prepared for the storms in your life? We all know they are unpredictable. What are your financial concerns? Our first priority is understanding what keeps you up at night. We want to learn about you, your family, your situation and have a crystal clear understanding of what your priorities are. Together we develop, implement, and monitor a plan that will adapt to your unique situation and whatever life throws your way. 

Professional Investment Advice

Professional Investment Advice

Research shows that the average investor earns far less than the stock market.....

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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

77% of pre retirees do not have a retirement income plan according to research.....

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A Strategy that Simply Makes Sense

A Strategy that Simply Makes Sense

The cornerstone of the work we do at Voyage Partners Financial Strategies is our retirement income planning strategy

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<a href="" title="Niles P. Geary, II, MBA, CRPC, AIF&#174;">Niles P. Geary, II, MBA, CRPC, AIF&#174;</a>

Niles P. Geary, II, MBA, CRPC, AIF®

Co-Founder & CEO

We have received multiple People’s Choice Awards from the Johnson City Press for being voted:

  • The Best Financial Planner

  • The Best Investment Advisor

  • The Best Insurance Agent

  • The Best Insurance Firm

A goal without a plan is simply a wish. Research shows that if you work with someone that holds you accountable your chance of success increases by up to 95%*

Pre Retirees &#38; Retirees

Pre Retirees & Retirees

Whether you are counting the days until you retire or are already enjoying retirement, we focus on retirement income planning, social security maximization, and an investment strategy that simply makes sense. If you are like many, you want a sense of direction and assurance in your ability to meet your goals. If your retirement plan does not work, when do you want to know? 

Business Owners

Business Owners

We understand what it means to be an entrepreneur because we have traveled the same path as you. We understand your concerns as well as some of the challenges you face. You understand the importance of planning and we can help you plan the future you envision.

Corporate Professionals

Corporate Professionals

How much time do you have to focus on your financial life? Your financial journey rarely goes as planned and you may need some help along the way. What if you had a map of resources available to help keep you focused on your destination. If you could see and monitor your progress towards your financial goals wouldn’t that be useful? Let us help you navigate your options better.

Financial Challenges & Options for Retirement

Our Process

If your retirement plan does not work, when do you want to know?

Our History

Are your retirement funds still exposed to risk? How much risk?

Our Values

Making the change from Risk to Protection

Our Resources

Has anyone ever tested your portfolio for its probability of success?

Ready to Take the Next Step Forward?

Make an appointment to meet with a Voyage Partners Financial Strategies professional today to see how you can build a retirement which aims at giving every dollar in your portfolio a purpose.

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* The American Society of Training and Development Study Data

The People’s Choice Awards from the Johnson City Press are based on all votes received; these votes may or may not be from clients of the named advisors, may not be representative of any one client’s experience, and are not an indicator of the advisors' future performance. No fee has been paid by the advisors to participate in the survey.